New Building Design
ESPA designs buildings in terms of function, form, and regulatory compliance.  

ESPA develops a building program working closely with our clients to address their needs.  

Applying for Building Permit
Working with our clients and clients' contractors, ESPA guides the projects through review with local Building Departments to obtain building permits for our clients' projects.  

Project Site Observations
ESPA provides construction administration services to assure our clients that their building has been constructed in accordance with the project documents.  

Administrating Building Contract
Working on behalf of our clients, ESPA prepares contracts with Contractors to ensure that the project is delivered in accordance with the project documents and established job-site procedures.

Prepare Project Documents
Working with project consultants, ESPA prepares drawings and specifications.  

Coordinating with Project Consultants
Many projects require the input of special consultants, which can include Structural Engineers or Interior Designers. ESPA coordinates with all project consultants.  

Measurement of Existing Buildings
ESPA measures existing buildings in order to prepare drawings to assist in the development of alterations, additions, and/or renovations.  

Condition Survey
ESPA inspects and evaluates the condition of a building or site in order to prepare an analysis for the best use of the property.  

Sustainability Advice and Design
ESPA advises how to optimize orientation, microclimate, building envelope, lifecycle costing, energy and water consumption and to ensure compliance with the prevailing Building Code and local ordinances.  

Preservation Skills
ESPA advises if existing buildings are good candidates for conservation. When buildings do qualify, ESPA works to ensure that the character of the building is enhanced and not damaged in the process of alterations.  

ESPA acts as the project-manager, coordinating with contractors and project consultants to deliver a project successfully during the construction process.  

ESPA works with our clients to develop master plans that address current and future needs of a property.

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