High Point Central - Stair Tower

High Point, NC

ESPA was commissioned by Guilford County Schools to improve the means of egress from High Point Central High School’s main building. After exploring several options, it was determined that a stair tower would be located in a niche between the auxiliary gym and vocational wing of the building. This location would allow construction of the tower to be performed while classes were in session, but presented the design challenge of how to complement the architectural style of the existing building within a small area. The tower incorporated a window design that would blend with the existing building features as well as providing natural light and views from the tower. One of the design features of the tower incorporated a decorative terra cotta shield from the existing building that would be concealed by the new construction. The tower layout also incorporated renovations of the existing building to create a shaft for a wheelchair lift to allow students and staff access to the lower level of the auxiliary gym.

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